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Blue Shadow

Doom Builder 64 nodebuilder

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Of course you can run custom D64EX maps! I can't tell you the process to follow, but I know it can be done since it has been done.

Actually, I think DB64 doesn't come with any nodebuilder because the nodebuilding code is integrated into it directly. It's not like ZenNode or ZDBSP are going to make the LEAFS lumps needed. I cannot confirm either way, though.

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Doom64 EX has a custom node builder based on glbsp. I doubt very much it was integrated into the editor (though it's a possibility). More like Kaiser just forgot to include it.

Very very likely you can use a binary from a previous version / full release.

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if it's integrated, then I don't see how to make the editor compile the map for me.

Now, I hate to ask, but could someone upload the nodebuilder for me? I don't want to install the editor - again - just to get the tool from it.

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