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Dark lighting and Spectres- any accepted standards?

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So, I've got a trap I'm building where a part of the challenge is that it has several Spectres (among other baddies...) in a very dark room, where they're nearly impossible to see. Of course, it occurs to me that GL ports, differing brightness levels, differing color-depth choices, different Gamma correction levels, different monitors, etc. all play a big role in whether a trap like this works properly.

My question: is there a generally accepted light level for setups like this? I've got it set to 96 right now, which seems to work great for 8-bit software render with Gamma correction at 0, but I don't know how well it'll work with other setups.

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Some OpenGL lighting setups will make that extremely dark. I use the "bright" setting, and 96 brightness is about the level where Spectres start to blur away. Doom 2 used a 35 brightness trap in one of the later maps, so I say just drop it lower than that even. Just don't forget the light switch ;)

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An option might be to put some lighting detail in the background (doesn't have to be much - a lit up computer panel insert for example). Then their silhouettes will appear every so often as they pass in between the lighting and the player.

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