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New mini-mod - TIER 1

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So I made hostage rescue, twilight warrior, covert ops and CQB. And so now for something completely...similar. I'm working on a small mod, largely based on a map that replicates OBL's house in Abbottabad. It is a hostage rescue theme rather than killing a particular individual. I also plan a few other maps, possibly one in a library (lots of possibilities for shooting up books) and maybe a Middle Eastern town raid with some "friendlies" to help you out.

I've worked up some cool effects - doors that swing open, breakable glass, a whole heap of unseen and new stuff.

Some pics are here:

Feedback or comments welcome. It's for Edge. So if you hate Edge, or military themed stuff, this probably ain't for you.

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I'm still stuck trying to figure out what AR-15 has a fixed rear sight physically milled into the upper receiver and has no charging handle

Other than the paradoxical floating attachments on the MP5SD and the aforementioned strange AR-15, this mod looks kinda nice. If you are the original author of these models, I would suggest adding width to that EOTech sight on the AR, it looks very odd. Also the MP5SD's rear sight is floating.

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