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'R-Net' - a sci-fi short story

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(please excuse the Photobucket-resized images - still readable here, I hope you'll cope :P)

About three years ago, an Internet-friend was looking for a comic artist/writer to make up 7 pages of a science-fiction anthology comic and fill the pages. I decided to take up the challenge, despite being more accustomed to more cartoony work - less 'serious' in tone.

This is my first published comic work from back when; albeit small-press and independent, but it's still quite awesome that I have printed comic books with my work in them.

I thought some folk here may enjoy this.

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God damn. That was beautiful.

You definitely know how to draw, and the story, while being short, was pretty well-crafted. I applaud you!

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Thanks! :)

I'd say my drawing still has a long way to go, and I'm slowly crafting my storytelling. But doing things like this will get me there eventually.

I do have a second short comic story that was published, too. A different thing entirely though.

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