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Need Play Testers for Deathmatch wad

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Hey everyone. I've made a new Deathmatch WAD called "RELENTLESS" before I submit it to /idgames database, I would like to have some people play test it with some bots and give their honest input of this wad.

It took me almost 2 months to construct with lots of nitpicking and editing.

Here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xvmhg516whb22x6/RELENTLESS.zip

This WAD file runs with any advanced versions of zdoom/gzdoom, Skulltag, or Zandronum.

Information: This WAD consists of 4 levels (3 of which I designed myself from scratch). There are textures used from gothic99.wad & blood.wad, as well as a couple I made myself. The levels can have up to 8 players, but 4 players is best in my opinion. There are new sounds and midi files (all from Quake 1 & 2)

Levels: Map 01 is called "The Dungeon" and it is reminiscent of some of the architecture from Gothic99.wad.

Map 02 is called "Upper Level" and it is my personal favorite out of them all. It flows very well and is well detailed.

Map 03 is called "The Courtyard" and it a bit harder than the previous two maps.

Map 04 is called "Cemetery" and... well the title is pretty much self explanatory. I did not make this level. It was from Blood.wad and under the copyright/permissions from the text file, I was allowed to use this map as a base to build additional maps.

Critique the following:
- The layout/design
- Item/thing placement
- MIDI files
- Choice of textures
- New sounds
- New screens [Title/ Help/ Intermission/ Credits]
- New Sprites
- & if any, feel free to give suggestions



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plums said:

FYI, idgames uploads are (still) down:

Thanks for letting me know about that plums.

When idgames uploads works, I will my wad, which is something I have to figure out how to do.

This sounds dumb (on my part) but do you know how to upload to the database?

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Well, four maps that puts all my wads to shame... great job, I loved them, but that last level looked extremely like the blood wad that I played once (I don't actually have that game) but I like the black gloves on doomguy's hands, I dunno, icing on the cake of beauty. I mean, I am not a professional, but I played through the maps and they ran nicely, seems like some things are to much, the rest is fine. Keep making wads, show off your talent, you clearly have it, I also liked how it looked like Gothic DM, it takes a little more than the textures to do that

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Don't bother with bots, you wont get a good idea how well they play that way. I'll see if I can find someone to test them with, but I'd also like to use this opportunity to suggest using the Best Ever hosting service.

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Thanks guys I really appreciate your input!

@DoomRenegade: I'm really glad you enjoyed my levels. The last level was from a total conversion wad of the game blood. I did a little bit of editing on it, but the credit goes out to whoever made the conversion wad. The black gloves are indeed icing on the cake and you can use those sprites if you like for any of your wads. Also, I can critique some of your wads and maybe give some advice if you like. Feel free to PM anytime. :)

@dachaucinator: Gothic 99' kicks ass lol and if you are doing a gothic style dm project, hit me up, I'll be happy to work with you on levels, sounds, sprites, or even MIDIs.

@Marcack: I agree, bots aren't the best way to test the gameplay of wads. They tend to do things that normal players typically won't do (such as getting stuck in ridiculous sectors for no reason). It is better to test it using real players online. I've played the Best Ever servers a few times on Zandronum and I will consider using that server to allow people to play test my wad.

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