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How soon after Doom 4 do we get Doom 5?

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I really don't have faith that Doom 4 will be a good game, sadly.

Strangely, I want to see Quake 5 more than Doom 4, specially if it's true that it will be Quake 1 themed.

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I'm pretty sure Quake 5, the Quake 1 themed project, only existed in Carmack's head a brief moment during QuakeCon. That doesn't mean it couldn't happen, but I really don't believe they have any plans for it. Especially not now when the company basically is in make it or break it mode. Even being concerned whether Doom4 will be a good game or not seems like a stretch. Being concerned whether Doom4 will be or not is probably the right place to worry :)

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Avoozl said:

Chances are a Quake 5 is more likely to end up being a Multiplayer game like Quake 3 Arena.

But why would they? Quake Live is still strong, and updating that with Quake IV didn't work too well. There's really no way to advance that multiplayer style, I wouldn't think anyways.

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