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lev for prboom-plus -complevel 2 -skill 4 -warp 8
will be a part of a bigger wad (>=4 maps)
I recommend to follow the route suggested by the red numbers on the floor

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Hey just noticed that no one commented on this. I've been on a Memfis binge yesterday/today so why not?

It's quite hard, too hard for me to do FDA style. Playing that way I got as far as the dual teleport swarm in the closed room once, but more often I died earlier, often just at that first grey demon. He really took me by surprise, didn't realize there was going to be Dehacked involved at first and it took more than a few attempts to figure out how to kill him.

Apart from that I did like the DHE stuff and new graphics. Based on STRAIN? New textures look good, some look like they don't tile properly but maybe that's just "Memfis alignment". Some of the old doom gfx look a bit ugly or out of place in comparison, like the vinewall and the floor numbering.

I had fun with it but it's definitely a quicksave-heavy level, for me anyhow.

Also just looked at the map overview in Slade, hah. Crates FTW.

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The new monster is based on Nightmare Demon from Agent Spork's "Simplicity", in that wad he is cooler - semi-translucent when he isn't shooting - but that is something that can't be done in Dehacked I guess. The whole map was basically inspired by that wad: the Tyrian music is from one of the maps that he made for the failed third episode, I used the same colored bricks, somewhat similar "scripted" gameplay, etc. Of course I can't match his sense of detail so it isn't nearly as stylish.

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Hm, I wonder if anyone has ever tried the old 16-bit method of "erase every other pixel" for Doom transparency? It might not look so bad in chocolate doom at least :>

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