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Mayhem Mansion - 2021 new version release!

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Okay so... in early 2013, I found this video...


So I was inspired to make this doom wad, the layout and path is similar to the game in the video but with less backtracking and less "How the fuck was I suppose to figure that out?"-ness. :P




and some information on weapons, enemies, items, etc.


Edited by Darsycho

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That was nice! More people need to see this. I like how the gameplay just flowed so nicely, and I was reminded of Zelda at some points.

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I tried out the Mayhem weapons in normal Doom levels. You can easily kill a Cyberdemon by spamming the "Monkey Storm" spell.

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ellmo said:

What in the fuck? Downloading.
This is for ZDoom I presume?

Ha ha ha, that's my exact attitude towards things like this.

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Played this in Zdoom software mode. It could be improved a bit but it's awesome for what it is.

Some thoughts.

-The kings were hilarious and I loved the usage of the monsters. Some of the monster's introductions (The TVs, The lampshades) were quite funny.

-Lots of color!

-No complaints about the monsters other than what I suppose was the final boss. In normal difficulty he went down quickly.

-The musket fire delay was quite weird. I got used to it though. The more odd thing was figuring out how the secondary fire worked, as it killed some enemies but others seemed immune.

-Arrows felt really hard to come by versus magic. Their pickup radius needs to be much bigger IMO. I also had no idea that the XBow used the magic ammo for its secondary until the library siege, where I was confuzzeled about getting ammo for a gun I didn't have yet.

-Magic is fun to use, and it was obvious to me when the endgame was since magic was being spoonfed to me by the mob.

I might do a YT Playthrough of the whole thing soon in parts. I might make a widescreen variation of the Statusbar HUD before doing so.

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For some reason the green door after the first boss (the one you need the bedroom key to get into) everytime I activate the green door in the green door bedroom area, it locks up? any way around this?

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I'm not entirely sure what you mean, it seems to work fine for me.

If possible, could you record a video of this?

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this is pretty... unique, i must say.

However, i found myself locked after taking the kings and lead them to the "king's throne room"... i think to get 'em all but i can't see a way to put them in that room... i playing this using the doom 2 iwad...

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oh hey guys whats going o-

oh god what





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Oh hell, I completely forgot to update this thread, rofl.


The wad is now mostly done, there is many things I still need to do and fix, many items need replaced and it's probably very easy to get lost because of this, but at the moment I am completely burnt out on zdoom editing, a bit of IRL shit going on, and been recently screwing around with UE4. Sorry it took this long to make, but hey it's better late than never! :v
(and sorry ed the bat, i haven't added the multiplayer friendly version of map01 in yet, i completely forgot about it and by the time i realized that I forgot, I had already edited map01 a bit)
The next version will be out probably next year, but for now, have this version!


- 6 new levels
- 5 new bosses

- 4 new weapons: Bombs, Rifle, Wand, and Ammo Combiner
- 4 new powerups: Billy Morph, Barbarian Summon, Exploding Totem, Super Boomerang (Activated upon collecting)
- You cannot drown. Swim forever!
- Doubled the number of enemy types



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Damn it! For a sec I thought it said Marilyn Manson.
Any way, kick ass wad. I really like the old school cartoony feel it has going on.

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Yo! Meant to bump this thread but the site was down at the time, but yay here I am, finally with a big ol' update for this, also looks like i never updated the first post to include my itch.io, lol, so thats been fixed. But anyway....










CHANGELOG!!! (i might've missed a few things to put!)


============= ============= 1.1 changes ============= =============
- ADDED: Some features from Mayhem Mansion 2:
- - When attacking an enemy with an ineffective weapon, instead of producing a fart sound and the word "ineffective" spawn from them, it now says "ineffective" on the top of your screen.
- - Bomb altfire is way more useful, it now scans the area for nearby enemies and throw itself towards them when close enough. It also doesn't just randomly explode when laying it down either, hooray!
- - A new enemy which appears in level 5 onwards is added, originally for MM2 but got scrapped.

- ADDED: Some things that were suppose to be in the first place, but ended up never adding it:
- - New soup guy in level 4's village.
- - At the end of Level 2, you return to the mansion and enter its dungeon.
- - The ettin NPC in level 4 actually speaks now.
- - A sidequest for an NPC in level 5 is added, sort of the level's "mega secret". You get one of the rarest inventory items in the game as a reward!
- - An actual death animation for the level 2 boss.

- ADDED: Added a new "Level complete!" screen instead of going to the main menu.
- ADDED: Icons for both the spell weapon and the ammo combiner, showing what spell you currently are using.

- CHANGED: Musket gets a buff, especially against monsters weak against it.
- CHANGED: Rifle is nerfed a bit, now it requires a small animation before it begins firing, same for zoomed mode.
- CHANGED: The stunlock trap from the magic staff is more effective against many enemies.
- CHANGED: Monkey swarm spell and bombs are no longer affected by autoaim.
- CHANGED: Shops gives 6 arrows instead of 5.
- CHANGED: Replaced the foot spell on Ammo Combiner with a trash sphere spell, bounces off walls and floors while shooting bullets and arrows everywhere! And the Bullet Man spell has been replaced with a new foot spell, and is far more useful, its basically a hitscan explosion.

- CHANGED: It should be more obvious the the lourd outlaw's projectiles are destroyable, and now the remaining projectiles disappear when the lourd outlaw dies, something I had no idea how to fix back then.
- CHANGED: Many many nerfs and buffs and changes to enemies that I don't feel like listing in detail. They're just better now.

- CHANGED: Edited volumes of about half of the music, lowered volume of really loud music, raised volume of really quiet music.

- CHANGED: Many parts of levels have been remade or reworked, lots to resemble how I originally wanted them to be.
- - Level 4's volcano was reworked. It gets progressively stranger, and it doesn't immediately show the strangest bits near the *very beginning* of the volcano, dunno wtf i was thinking back then.
- - Level 5 is basically a new level, has a lot of new rooms, and it's less confusing. There's more dangers of falling however, so watch your step!
- - Level 6 has numerous changes here and there. Many areas are redesigned and are less ugly and crappy, and you can now find experiment pieces AND do any optional bosses (for the mega secret) in any order you wish, giving you a more freedom of choice. Also, depending on where you go first, the last area you choose will have additional monsters spawn.

- CHANGED: Level 7 - Reworked a bit, lots of fights are more chaotic (put your ammo combiner and items to good use!), and the final boss should be less annoying to deal with.

- FIXED: There's some targets in various levels were you able to activate too early, which would break level progression and softlock the level.
- FIXED: Addendum to the above fix, many items and spells that can allow you to hit targets from around corners no longer can activate targets.
- FIXED: Jonny tank was suppose to be weak against magic, as he drops the magic ammo pickup on death, but turns out he never actually was.
- FIXED: Rifle's bullets while zoomed in would have trouble hitting monsters on ledges above you.

- FIXED: In level 1, there's a trap door right after the golden door in the city that shuts in front of you, but unblocks when killing the billycopters. It was possible though to kill the billycopters before the door shuts in front of you, thus softlocking the level. This was present since the very first release of Mayhem Mansion and somehow never noticed this oversight.

- REMOVED: The giant flower enemy that produce sonic waves that just simply pushed you back, it was a worthless enemy that wasn't fun to fight and only appeared twice in the entire game, so I just axed it. A better version of this enemy will appear in MM2.


oh yea and download here now (:

Posts on tweeter:


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