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prb+ options screen, STCFN0XX graphics

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hihi, in a wad I'm replacing the STCFN033 - STCFN095 text graphics, but it seems to botch up the options screens in prboom-plus (v2.5.1.4, haven't tested others). Namely, the recolorings that indicate numbers, which option you're selecting, etc, are all gone and it's just the flat graphics:

normal: :) :)

mine: :( :(

also it doesn't appear to be a problem in gzdoom.

Are there some other lumps I need to replace to get the distinctions back?

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You need to copy the color translation lumps (CR******) from prboom-plus.wad into your wad and edit them. These are simple 256 byte files, each byte corresponds to a color index in the palette, the value used is the color to replace it with. So in your case, you want to edit the blue range (C0-CF) to translate to the correct colors. There's probably some obscue utility out there to do this, but it's pretty painless in a hex editor; SLADE3 has one built in.

ZDoom recolors its text using a different method, and doesn't use these lumps, so it's not an issue there. You'll definitely want to update them for Boom users, though. (I really wish the defaults just translated every color range to an appropriate one, rather than just red.)

Edit: Apparently SLADE only has a hex viewer. Hex editors are a dime a dozen, though, I use WindHex:


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