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Doom 3 OpenCoop question

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Hey I have a couple of questions for anyone who has happened to mess around with the configuration settings in the Doom 3 mod OpenCoop.

First off, I'm very picky when it comes to optimizing a game (especially a mod) to meet my preferences, and I've run into some minor settings which I have a problem with when doing campaign co-op in OpenCoop, and would like to fix.

1: General items including Health, Weapons and Ammo all respawn. And when doing this with friends, it removes the strategy and fun of organizing health and ammo between the group, and of course just makes it much easier.

2: All monsters seem to be quite a bit weaker (or player damage seems to be increased). I messed around with the Scale Player Damage and Scale Monster Damage quite a bit and tested both with and without a friend, but it doesn't seem to make a difference, as the monsters still die really quickly.

3: Lastly, If you hit yourself with your own Grenade it barely hurts you at all.

So with all these in mind, it makes doing co-op with my bros very unchallenging and not very fun, even on Nightmare.
So I was wondering if any of you know a more permanent way to change these things? Like edit the .cfg in Notepad and maybe increase monster health percentage or something? And/or remove item respawning and such?
I don't know, but any advice would be greatly appreciated in changing these installed settings. All I want to do is make the monsters as tough as they were in the original, and remove all the item/weapon respawning and maybe fix that Grenade damage problem.
Thanks in advance!

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