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zdoom and weapon selection order

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Some time ago I learned how to deal with multiple weapons taking up the same slot by using the selectionorder command, like so:

actor Uzi : Weapon 20002
	radius 20
	height 16
	inventory.pickupmessage "You got an Uzi."
	Weapon.selectionorder 700
	Weapon.AmmoUse 1
	Weapon.Ammogive 30
	Weapon.Ammotype "Clip"
	Weapon.SlotNumber 4
	inventory.icon "USMGA0"
	attacksound "uzifire"
		USMG A 1
		UZIG D 1 A_WeaponReady
		UZIG D 1 A_Lower
		UZIG D 1 A_Raise
		UZIG B 1 A_FireBullets(2,2,1,8)
		UZIG C 1
		UZIG A 2
		Goto Ready
Now, I want to run my weapons alongside of the "beautiful doom" weapons mod - but it doesn't have entries for each weapon, just this:
addplayerclass Doomer

weaponsection "Beautiful_Doom"

setslot 1 Knuckle Chainsaw1
setslot 2 Pistol1 PistolDual
setslot 3 Shotgun1 SSG
setslot 4 Chaingun1
setslot 5 Rocketlauncher1
setslot 6 Plasmagun
setslot 7 BFG9001

addkeysection "Beautiful Weapons" BDoom_keysection
addmenukey "Weapon Effects Toggle" notrails

alias notrails "puke 391"
defaultbind I notrails

addmenukey "Zoom" BZoom_On
alias BZoom_On "fov 25; mouse_sensitivity 0.2; rebind BZoom_Off"
alias BZoom_Off "fov 90; mouse_sensitivity 1; rebind BZoom_On"
defaultbind Mouse3 BZoom_On
It causes problems if I have default weapons (which the latter script modifies) even if I summon them from the console. Any way around this?

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Edit BeauDoom. Remove everything before "addkeysection" from its KEYCONF lump. Set class through MAPINFO and the weapon slots through DECORATE. Refer to ZDoom wiki for more detailed instructions on how to do each of these things.

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