So I made some maps, they're blue and you should play them.

Swim With The Whales is a set of 3 boom-compatible maps designed around abstract environments, very challenging gameplay, and elaborate optional areas. I spun the color wheel and landed on blue this time around so expect plenty of it. The maps are meant to be played from pistol start but because there's only 2 consecutive levels with monsters in them I guess it doesn't matter too much. Here's some screenshots:

map01: The Deep End

map02: Ride The Dolphins

map03: Swim With The Whales

map31: ??? (obligatory bonus map)

It's also worth noting I handled difficulties a little different this time around:

UV: dickishly hard, tight resources, inescapable pits, the occasional platforming puzzle, glory awaits you!
HMP: probably the most fun to play on, more room for mistakes, less harsh traps, no more mandatory platforming sections, etc.
HNTR: should be beatable by pretty much everyone.

Short version: I encourage you to start on HMP, and bump it up if you find it too easy.

DOWNLOAD [/idgames]