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Rust Bucket - A Single Level

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One nice simple map with quite a classic feel, it was enjoyable to play through. You have a similar sense for aesthetics and gameplay as a guy Jayextee, as seen in his very recent Nex Credo. I like that style. :)

Your map is quite easy if you don't give the chaingunners a chance to catch you without cover. You may want to craft out some more dangerous traps, like those that quickly surround the player with monsters and he must immediately react and fight them in a tighter space. Not to say it wrong, I really liked how your map was spacious, overally.

Out of curiosity, how long did the map take you to produce? EDIT: Now see it in text file. :)

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Nice! Serious improvement from your last level in both visuals and gameplay. Still quite easy, a little harder might be better, but they don't all need to be gruelling death-traps. Chaingun-only fighting at the start was cool.

Very minor visual flaw: these slime drips look a bit funny, because they're so thin, there's no offsets on any side, and the "drip" part of the texture gets cut off. I suggest either make them circular and align the textures (if you need a seam, have it on the side that faces the wall), or just expand them to 10x10 so that the drip isn't cut off.

FDA if you want it: http://www.mediafire.com/?02a95hfpze6ra7b

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