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Changing skins: Zandronum

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As of today, I have moved over from Skulltag to Zandronum. However, ignoring what everyone else says about the low quality of Skulltag's exclusive things, I've decided to keep some of that Skulltag spirit by moving resources (skulltag_data.pk3, skulltag_actors.pk3) to the Zandronum folders.
I've even copied my 900,000,000,000,000 skins to its skins folder.

However, there lies the problem. I've copied all of the skins in Skulltag's skin folder to Zandronum's one, but pressing left/right doesn't change the skins in Player Setup.

The problem is the same for the announcers, too - the default Zandro.'s announcers aren't nearly as good (in my opinion).

Is there a super obvious solution or do I have to download all the skins again in a format suitable for Zandronum?

Please help me here!

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Zandronum hasn't changed much of anything regarding skin or announcer loading. The only thing I can think of that might cause a problem like you describe is if you installed to Program Files and somehow the permissions are moving your files to your virtual store.

Joe667 said:

moving resources ... skulltag_actors.pk3

I hope you're using the one that came with your Zandronum download.

I don't recall saying the Skulltag resources are low quality, just that they're unneeded these days given the ability to create custom weapons and monsters. Instead of expanding moding capabilities they just get in the way of ZDoom compatibility these days, so between that and licensing issues, we decided to relegate the resources to a third party mod (skulltag_data) and ship with a compatibility layer (skulltag_actors).

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Ok, forget it, it's fixed now. I just had to wait for the Skulltag icons on the skins to become Zandronum ones X(

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