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SinFun - release.

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The title "SinFun" is quite fitting, in the means how a simple word combination it is, while awkward. These maps are actually fun if you just want to fearlessly run forward and forward and shoot things with your SSG. Not that good if you also want to see interesting level design, though. Most of what I've seen are cave-y corridors and repeated pattern of keylocked doors. Some parts have detail (like a destroyed stone, many rectangular blocks next to each other etc.), but that doesn't make the leveldesign any better. If you wanted to push through in leveldesign too, you'd need to make something more elaborated, thoroughly interconnected and with an idea. I'm not talking about shortness here - even short maps can have interesting layout, ideas and elaborated monster encounters. For the purposes of delivering this kind of mindless run fun, this your effort may be enough, though.

I found a problem on MAP08 - the player is screwed if he walks into the teleport before he grabs the blue key, because there's no way back.

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Interesting review, and i thank you for that.

The title Sin, and Fun are based on the fact that the Sin is based around ignoring the standards and making weird litle maps, and Fun for its simple style.

"teleporting without a key" in map08 escaped my mind, i do not even know how this happened, lol.

Thank you for the comment on the level design, even if it was intended
to be like that, it is still a good note for my normal and bigger maps.

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