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9-level episode for Doom re-released

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Hey guys.

Just wanted to let you know that I've re-released a 10-year old project of mine. I made some minor modifications to improve gameplay. It's for Doom and contains 9 levels. (vanilla compatible)
This one was never released on /idgames

If you're looking for some time to kill, check it out!

Download and screenshots: (in the 'Oldies' section)


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Glad you liked it :) Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to complete the episode?

PS: If someone can provide me with a full playthrough FDA on Untra-violence (secret level not required) I'll make a Youtube video and post it on my channel.

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Well I don't know whether you wanted an actual First Demo Attempt, or just a full playthrough, but anyhow here's a continuous FDA of the episode. ~45 minutes, two deaths, didn't try too hard to get max kills or secrets (and didn't use an alt-hud with k/s display anyhow) but I did get the secret level.

First death was right at the start; second was on E1M4 (i think?) in that secret area after the invisibility, where the bridge lowers into the slime. The first map especially seemed hostile, damaging floors everywhere and very minimal health; the other levels weren't too hard although some of them would've been very short on ammo from pistol start. E1M8 was annoying until I figured out you could disrupt the teleports by blocking them. From E1M6 onwards it felt like you were trying to finish the episode up, they seemed a bit hasty/short.

Overall not bad, not exceptional or especially original but it was certainly worth a playthrough. Not going to give you too much critical feedback on some 10 year old levels since you're probably not going to change them much. :)

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