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What it is that Glitch?

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Today, i played Plutonia MAP15 with Internet broadcast.
But, one problem appeared me.
Check the this my video.


View 30 seconds on video.
Oh man, What it is. I not use cheats anything.
Shoot to monsters? no hit.
Get the item? I can't.
Go to the portal? can't. THANK'S YOU GOD.


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Not entirely accurate. You can have a lot more happening in the game without this bug rearing its ugly head. MAP15 is quite a remarkable place to trigger that bug though, it's related any single hitscan crossing a combined total of over 128 lines/things.

From the wiki:
"If a bullet tracer crosses too many things and lines (more than 128), an internal overflow will happen, causing undefined behavior. This sometimes results in the bug known as "all-ghosts"."

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There is also a mindblowing wad by TimeOfDeath, which shows that you can still damage enemies after intercepts overflow. o,o

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