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Updated Doom wad links + update on recent wad

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Well here it is, all my wads and the update for The Uncommon Industry, and I am using dropbox now so the files should last longer... but this zip file holds about 5 wads, none of them have been touched since release because I have been busy with Uncommon Industry, but I've played through the maps and a few times I edited them with XWE, so it should be fine to play, I made some maps open, some maps more barriers so you can get away from your enemies, and I tried to make hard maps like the last one, everyone has a chance kinda brawl, but the last map was rushed, and this wad was going to have 14 maps but I thought I should release it now. But I hope you enjoy this, oh and I put E1M1 as map 11 heavily modified, hope you don't mind, that took a little amount of time, maybe like an hour, just been trying new things I guess...
Oh, for the final Rusty Metal, I need some mappers, maybe someone who would edit a map of mine you like from the first two excluding pinion, or pinion 2
Just one map for the entire wad, other than that, I would put maps other people made, if no one wants to do this, I'll make it the best wads in the series but the would require some judging... so if you are not up for making maps, maybe you can tell me the maps you liked the most.
Thanks for reading this

*All wads together*

(Sorry I didn't upload this before)

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