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Doom Radio - Interview with Tolwyn and Mark Klem

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After a lengthy period of silence, Doom Radio has returned with an interview of two prominent figures in music composing! This week, Matt Tropiano and James Paddock chat with prolific tune writers David "Tolwyn" Shaw and Mark Klem, whose contributions can be heard in STRAIN, Requiem, Gothic DM, and many more mods from the late 90's to early 00's. There's Doom talk, composition talk, and talk of future collaboration, so listen to this week's episode to hear it all!

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Sweet. A good tune can totally carry a map through and make the experience feel fresh, adding new dimension. Speaking as a mapper who has had the fortune of receiving original music to his maps in the past (from the mentioned Mr Nagel) - I can attest to the fact that this can very much hit the sweet spot for a mapper and be enough of a reward for making the map in itself - whether the tune was custom crafted for the geometry or not. As long as the creations complement each other!

A good listen - I'd only add that Bobby Prince might get extra props for all the extremely durable sound effects he put into the game. The baron's roar is still hella nervewracking when encountered right...

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This was undoubtely a good listen. At first I found it funny that MK and DS didn't remember stuff from 96-97 so well ("the commercial IWADs, TNT, and... what was the name of the other one?"), but actually this means they have life :)

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