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So I just found out why half the wads out there were impossible for me

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This: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=13327 has the red key flagged for UV/NM and I play on HMP. For years, I've found a lot of wads that seem to have been impossible, maybe it's due to mappers not considering other difficulties? However I lack the editing prowess to figure out why the teleporter in the first room doesn't work, I had to idclip. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me what's wrong with it.

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Same deal, the teleport destination is UV/NM only. Bummer.

I play HMP a lot too and I don't run into quite so many unplayable situations, just difficulties that are either way way too toned-down or barely touched, vs UV. It does happen though.

edit: Teleports work by having a linedef tag matching a sector tag, and having a "teleport destination" thing inside the tagged sector, since things themselves can't be tagged in Doom. No thing = no teleport.

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