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Moderately enhanced Doom?

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I'm currently searching for gameplay mods improving arsenal/bestiary and mechanics, but only to some degree, keeping the classic style in place. Something not as radical as Brutal Doom, more like Beautiful Doom, but up to date.
There is this project called Doom Expanded, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work with Zandronum.
What can you suggest?

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I don't think you may find a better mod fitting your needs than Doom Expanded.

However, if there is one, I'd be glad to get enlightened too.

Something a little unrelated:


I personally use Zandronum as my default port, but if some mod requires (G)ZDoom or other port, I'm having no problem to accomodate for that while. I don't normally play PWADs with gameplay mods, though.

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Yeah, I'm using GZDoom for singplayer runs, but this one I want to try multi.
It is sad, actually, Doom Expanded looks really nice, but even with skulltag data/actors trickery it doesn't work.

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There's my favourite for ZDoom called Cosmetic Doom. The name's not the best but it adds a lot to to the Doom games without OTT effects or other distractions from the core experience. The weapons are a separate WAD too so if there are any compatibility issues you don't have to load it.

It doesn't add new monsters but it does add extra death animations, more elaborate deaths for the bosses, some destructable scenery and nice fire and water effects amongst a lot of other small tweaks. Like I say, nothing takes away from the original game. It just polishes it all up a little. I have it on permaload!

PS: I also always use contrast3.wad to improve the original palette too. :)

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