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Sacrifice - 6-map demo

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FDAs if you want: https://www.mediafire.com/?8tq56bzcvzp92bi
prb+, complevel 2, pistol start, UV, normal HUD

They're OK, you're off to a good start but they have a strong "beginner map" vibe to them. Very short levels, lots of square stuff and rectangular hallways, a massive variety of textures that aren't cohesive at all, and way way way too much health and ammo. Also your secrets would be very hard to find except they're mostly visible on the automap. (not that I always checked...)

I notice you write "WARNING: Ultra-Violence is ROUGH." in the text file; these were not rough. I played pretty poorly in places and still got through each level without much trouble at all. Not that a map has to be hard to be good, mind you.

Stuff that stuck out in my mind:

MAP02 was pretty strong overall, the texture use wasn't good for the most part and the center slime area looked very good, plus there wasn't the ammo surplus for most of the map and you've got a decent ambush in there.

MAP03 inadvertently worked out in a way, in that I was tense for awhile on seeing all that ammo and health, waiting for something big to come at me. Unfortunately it never came. Not a fan of the whole teleporter/slime area part, I fall a few times winding up to SR onto the yellow key area and then it turns out I can just tp there. Plus so many on the slime floor!

MAP05, the vile/imp corridor was really fun, the rest of the map I didn't care for too much. Too much backtracking with no resistance once you get the yellow key.

MAP06 annoyed me that I couldn't go back and kill the mancs that I inadvertantly teleported away from. Other than that it wasn't bad.

Anyhow I hope I don't come across too negative, I think with a bit more practice you'll come up with some great stuff.

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