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sKin Vault my page of skins for doom

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Hello all Doomers!
As will observe I am not American or English
all this is written with a bad tradcutor language (sorry)

My website is about the skins for doom and other small things on the image of the game sprites, etc decorates ...

I would like to come in and give their feedback


Gracias a todos!


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Link doesn't work for me. Besides, few people in here speak Spanish as far as I know.

Welcome to Doomworld, and good day.

EDIT: From what I can read in the thread you created in the Zandronum forums, the skins you make are ripped from other games. I'm not sure if that's allowed in here. I suggest you contact a moderator just to be sure. I suggest myk, he speaks Spanish too.

Versión condensada en español: Creo que las skins "ripeadas" de otros juegos no se permiten en este foro; sugiero que contactes a un moderador, de preferencia myk para que estés seguro.

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