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internets slow on the laptop

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really chugging. here's what the problem isn't;

NOT the router / provider. Net works fine on other, ancient piece of shit PC (although nothing else does).

NOT the browser. using chrome right now, but tested on firefox and have the same problem.

NOT a virus. Downloaded and ran AVG today for the first time in three years. Identified one threat. Anti-virus is for f4ggi7z who don't internet like a boss.

Thoughts: wondering if something updated when I wasn't looking (flash? javascript?) and shat the bed. Complex websites (youtube, pr0nz) take years to load. Non complex websites (doomworld and other magical web 0.1 pieces of shit) load slowly but not unbearably so.

Anyone know of any problems with any updates to softwares that would completely ruin my internet? Difficult for me to check, because of said ruined internet.

Thanks in advance.

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wireless? If so maybe your wireless adaptor or whaever its called is ghey. I think the problem is the "channel" of your router. Internets like how to get to the router settings and change the channel. Other channels interfere with microwaves and cellphones or something. Yeah.

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Boot in safe mode with networking. If it gets faster then you have some broken software ruining things for you. Figuring out which one shouldn't be too hard; you just have to dig through the processes and services that start up. (Norton and McAfee like to fry internet connections sometimes, for example.)

You could of course just have some kind of malware breaking it for you. No antivirus is 100%.

If it's still slow in safe mode, and only on the lappy, and also on somebody else's connection, then you can start looking at the networking software in Windows, or your drivers.

EDIT: gggmork makes a good point. Test wifi vs ethernet. If it's just the wifi then fiddling with the settings or the drivers for the card might be the place to start.

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Also check for sudden hardware failures, such as broken ram. Since you didn't mention otherwise, I'm assuming you haven't tested any other use scenarios than internet browsing on the laptop?

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darknation said:

not really an option, as I am currently stealing wifi internets.

One possibility is that your unwitting benefactor exceeded their monthly allocation and you spent a day or two on a throttled connection. Though that doesn't explain why your other PC worked fine, unless it was pulling most of what it needed from cache.

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in my day we used 2 flog dem intanetz so it would work faster.

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