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Did Doom Classic Complete on PS3 get patched?

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I have tried searching every relevant phrase I could think of on Google and in the forum search but couldn't find an answer.

When the games were originally released on PSN I searched for peoples opinions and there were complaints of various issues. There was allegedly a missing key on one of the levels, the MP was very laggy/unstable (although the MP isn't too important to me) and I seem to remember mention of an issue involving the music. If someone owns the Classic Complete collection on PS3 can you tell me a) did it receive a patch to address the issues I've mentioned? And b) are there any other issues I should be aware of? If the games are riddled with problems then I'd be reluctant to buy.

I already own the Doom games on Steam (in fact I think I own all the id titles on Steam apart from BFG edition, but that's another story) but thought I'd like to play them on PS3 so I can sit back with a controller.

I know it recommends I lurk here for 30 minus my age days before posting a thread but I am 30 so thought it would be OK :P

Your help would be much appreciated.

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I've owned Doom Classic Complete since last December and to my knowledge there was never a patch for it. As for the issues you mention, I've never personally ran into any issues with it, including the ones you mentioned. Granted, I don't play very often on the PS3, but in my experience it's run flawlessly.

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Thanks very much for the reply.

I managed to find the page where I saw it being discussed originally. It seems the sound issue was something to do with the sample rate on the XBOX 360 version for particular sounds. After much digging it does appear the fix for the missing key (TNT map 31 Pharaoh) was implemented. From what I can gather the co-op supposedly runs at low frame rates and the MP is laggy. Seeing as I am not going to be playing MP, I may buy it.

Although from what I've read it seems they could have made a little more effort (configurable controls, option to use the Aubrey Hodges soundtrack, widescreen etc). I think Doom deserved a little more.

My ideal Doom package would be UD, D2+ML and FD with their original content for non-German countries (although the red cross would still be a no go). A port of D64 and possibly the PS1 version. D3+additional content, with an option for classic (original darker lighting, game mechanics and FOV adjustment) and enhanced (with the BFG changes for those who preferred it, but again with FOV adjustment). I know this sounds like I'm asking for a lot, but I would have preferred they make a great Doom package and charge considerably more, rather than do the bare minimum and charge budget price. But that's just my take on it :)

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