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skulltag, changing light-amp effect

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Is there any way to change it from the green tint to the gamma-adjusting that vanilla and zdoom do? Couldn't find anything by googling.

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It's this.

And for reference, the normal light-amp effect is not a gamma adjustment. It's just using brightness 255 everywhere. A gamma adjustment would make everything washed out white instead of bright.

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Marcaek said:

Go to Options > Display > Opengl options > Preferences > Enhanced night vision mode and set it off.

Wow, those opengl options can really slow even a high-end system to a crawl. Here's one - I've tried enabling the "show keys on automap" cheat, but they don't appear? (Ok, a zdoom question really, but trying to avoid making too many threads)

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It's a cheat. Use am_cheat 2 or am_cheat 3 to see them. (Or the iddtiddt cheat code.)

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