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A Thanksgiving Weekend WAD Cooking Recipe

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- 1 Quart (-32- fl oz.) of pureed maps.
- 1 Pile of rehashed textures.
- 1 Metal bowl full of ironic names.
- 2 Fresh intermission/title pictures
- A sprinkle of new midi from today's hot artists and a dash stolen pop tracks


- Put the 32 oz of maps into a blender with the pile of textures for literally 24 hours. Your neighbors will hate you because of the awful noise, but trust me, this is necessary.

- Section the resulting gooey mess into 32 evenly distributed piles and slap one of the ironic names onto it

- Wrap the individual maps in a single coating of the poorly drawn ms paint title/intermission pics and haphazardly throw all the midis into them.

- Bake for like, another 24 hours, or until you smell burning or something.

- Let rest until Friday when all kinds of sourceports will start testing your work and telling you it tastes horrible.

- Weep silently then polish your turd next Sunday.

- Release to universal acclaim.

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Oh, I've been doing it wrong this whole time. I thought you waited another 24 hours when you started to smell burning! No wonder I'm awful at this.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Does it have to be a metal bowl? I only have ceramic.

Just get some white and black face paint, leather, and spikes. No one will be able to tell the difference.

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This sounds like an interesting project, but I'm a bit confused. Are you telling us that we have to mash the 32 levels from Doom II into one big map and mix up the textures? If so, then would you be able to provide us with examples when it's midnight?

Shaikoten said:

#32in24 on irc.oftc.net by the way

Is this a server of /idgame's archives, or what?

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GreyGhost said:

An IRC channel.

OK, and I also had a thought that it would have to do with a chat room. Also, is the chat room on Mibbit?

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