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Escaping Death (a mini .wad)

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Download: mediafire.com/download/skbuh6m989gh76m/EscapingDeath.wad
ATTENTION: The first map is on map 22. Sorry about that.

Hello! This is my first released set of Doom II maps, so be gentle with me. The .wad has 5 levels, two intermission levels (I'll get to that later,) a bonus level & an "oops" level (that as well.) They've only been play tested by myself on UV, & a few other people; so I apologize if there's anything I overlooked, but things should be mostly fine.

Difficulty wise, I tried making the maps difficult through the level's design rather than hordes of demons, & accomplished this to a pretty good extent. The secrets can be pretty obscure sometimes (I have a secret walk through for the first level done, may continue on it;) I tend to mark secrets with gore splatters or other corpse decor. A few times I use slightly differing textures or walk through walls. On the second level, you'll need to pay attention to the gore splatters & other ascetics, because they're a hint on what you need to do to make progress.

So, the two intermission levels & the "oops" level. Because I don't know how to change the level's sky texture, music, level name, etc. I had to work with what I knew how to do... The levels that are skipped over as intermissions are because I wanted the next level to have the specific music for atmosphere reasons. I also don't know how to delete levels from a .wad, & ended up making an "oops" level without the knowledge of being able to delete it.

Some short back story because I don't think you guys care too much about that:
You were fighting hell, but got captured in an ambush & were taken to hell's best prison, which is in the farthest corner of hell in a huge mountain. You gotta break out of the prison & get to the Tower of Babel in the distance; from there you can teleport over to the part of hell you need to be in to continue kicking hell's ass.

The levels (with pictures!):
Inner Prison http://i.imgur.com/gpSCPSw.jpg
Outer Prison http://i.imgur.com/q8aJaLT.jpg
Toxic Sewers http://i.imgur.com/KAHlOJT.png
Demon Valley http://i.imgur.com/7W3yfTZ.jpg
Tower of Babel (Not a copy of E2M8) http://i.imgur.com/tlbvL4y.jpg
Walking the Arch-vile (Bonus) http://i.imgur.com/9z5RVdq.png

Hope you guys enjoy, give me some feedback. I'd love to see any recordings of y'all playing! If you have questions, need help, or want to complain to me, I'll try to respond in a timely fashion. (Here's a pastebin of a walk through for the first level's secrets: pastebin.com/Yqe1UnR4 )

Also, some levels (mainly the second) will have some doors/switches that aren't actually used. They are purely for ascetics & shouldn't even give a "key needed" message. Sorry for any & all inconveniences while playing.

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What source port (program you use to play Doom) did you use? I ask because I tried to play it in PrBoom+, using -complevel 9 (Boom compatibility) and -complevel 2 (original Doom compatibility), and about one minute from the start a Pain Elemental and an Arch-Vile are stuck in each other and neither can't move until you kill one of them.

Different source ports have different characteristics here and there. For example, if you use ZDoom, monsters take slightly less room than in the original Doom. It can be helpful to mention which source port you used while building this so players can experience your wad as it's meant to be. Gave it a quick spin in GZDoom and the start seems to work fine there (the arch-vile immediately teleports and the PE moves around).

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Phml said:

What source port (program you use to play Doom) did you use?

Sorry about that; I used ZDoom. I hadn't tried it with any other program or mod.

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