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PlayerClass change

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Hi all,

Is it possible to set the player class for individual wads? If so, Is it possible to do it through ACS?

So far I have tried to make individual KEYCONF lumps for each wad, which clear all player classes then define the unique one for that wad.

I have 5 wads; each containing one map in a .PK3. The player classes do not seem to change according to each wads respective KEYCONF lump though.

Any help is very much appreciated


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You want a wad/pk3 that has multiple maps with a different (forced) player class on each map, is that correct?

First off I think KEYCONF is more-or-less deprecated in favour of MAPINFO.

Second of all I don't know any easy way to do what you want. Solutions that come to mind:

* Have one mega "meta-class" that encompasses all inventory etc. for all classes, and change properties of that class on each level using dummy items and ACS scripts.

* Morph the player into a specific class on each level; however I don't know if it's possible for morphed players to behave like normal actors in terms of picking up things.

* Give each class a dummy object, and have the start of each level kill a player that doesn't have that object (or deny them access past the starting room), and then print a message that you need to change your class in the console (playerclass classname).

* Split your pk3 up into 5 separate wads, tell the player to load each individually :/

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Changing player class is a pain in the ass. The simplest way is with morph, but that creates the problem of not being able to crouch. I'd you can live with that, then it's your best option.

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I will attempt to morph the class of the player using ACS upon enter into each map and see if that works.

Thanks for the idea's

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This seems like it should be working, but it's not:

MorphActor(0, "DoomPlayer", "", 9999999, 0, "", "");

I have this loading upon enter to the map, I want to morph the custom class I have as default on all my maps into the doom marine.

Am I missing something?

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Are you trying to morph him into “doomplayer" or something like “myplayer"? Btw, I never used “morphactor" before. I used a complicated system utilizing the “powermorph" function, which is why I said earlier it's a pain in the ass.

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I got it to work it seems, but it's to ghetto for my liking. ( no crouch, move bob, etc)

Is it possible to force the player to use a particular skin? I would settle for the actors appearance being changed, I don't really care about the actors logic anyway.

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