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peach freak

To anyone with an Intel HD video card (Doomsday)

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I'm looking for anybody here that has an Intel HD Graphics video card in their computer (desktop or laptop shouldn't matter). Preferably Intel HD 2000/3000 and with a recent driver.

I have an Intel HD Graphics 3000 on my laptop and I believe this is causing me a problem with Doomsday. There is no player arrow in the automap for me. The only way I can see the player on the automap is through IDDT (when the green triangle overlaps the player arrow, so with IDDT I can see a green triangle but still not the white player arrow), which is technically cheating (although I play Doom a lot with IDDT enabled anyway).

I've done some experimenting and have found that I do not get this problem (the player arrow will then show up without a problem) if I use an older driver for my video card (from 2+ years ago). I have tested this out on other computers that have Intel HD graphics cards (my friend's computer and my mom's laptop) and both of them have produced the same problem on my laptop.

So, if there's anyone here with an Intel HD Graphics video card, would you mind running Doomsday (shouldn't matter which version, although try to avoid anything pre-1.9.7) and see if you have the same problem as I do? Just make sure your driver is recent.


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