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Use of Realm667's resourses query.

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Hey guys, am thinking about making a Doom mod of my own, and have seen several resources from Realm667 which I deem fit for my mod, but just one question, will I need permission to use them, or do I just download them, implement them and then credit them after?

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EvilNed said:

Tjat's usually listed in their individual text files.

Not from what I've seen in the WADs, they don't come with text files at all, the ones in the WAD don't go into detail about usage.

NaturalTvventy said:

I have always assumed they are free to use with credit.

That's what I believe as well. Thought I'd ask just to make sure.

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The point about putting stuff on a resource repository is to allow easy reuse. Do please include credits, though; they're always given for each resource so it's just a question of copy/pasting them.

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