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doom.wrong.button.com - update

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mostly structural changes to the site. now, the doom patches, shareware, and alphas are grouped together. as well, a new directory, "other music" this is where the music from other games, etc, are located. i cleaned out the upload directories as well.

macvilewhore now has music tracks for all of the levels for doom 2. the songs include snes, psx & n64 doom, as well as metallica, korn, limp bizkit and rammstein. good selections for all of them. they fit the levels well. a bit of a download (220 megs, ouch!) but for the most part, it's worth it. the new wad is zipped in mac's dir in the wads dir.

deathwarrior and cacodemon leader both have various music in the other music dir. check it out.

lastly, sephiroth found some old wads (1995 and earlier) on cd. they're in the wads dir.

that's just about it for now. have fun.

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hey i just want to say that i got some of the music, but when i tried for others it kept giving me some stuff about login and password that i have no idea about....i dont post often here, i just usually read what everyone else has to say...but if u can help me with that it would be much appreciated...thx.

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sorry to hear you're having problems. are you using the link in my sig? it should work if you use that.

what files is it asking you for a password? this way i can test it.

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