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Xaser said:

So, uh, I've got a confession to make. The reason we're all out of burgers this Thanksgiving is because I stole them all.

And the award for best food-themed use of the E4 sky texture goes to Xaser.

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ClonedPickle said:

celebrating my 100th post in 6 years, here's another pile of shit map

Apocalypse Aftermath at Frank's Factory for Spicy Sauce

uses Mummy Rags by Mark Klem and ideally a sky that doesn't look like shit when tiled vertically

Hmm, I was expecting the word "pickle" in the map name.

@Xaser That has too be the most awesome use of that sky texture that I have ever seen. You've made me hungry now. I would get a cheese burger but my Rustlers microwaveable burger appears to be missing from the fridge.

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I don't suppose someone could name one of their maps "Wafflecopter"? If I was making something for this I'd do it. :P

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You can't post unless you have maps to give! This is thanksgiving damnit!

Here's another!

Slow-Dance Chubby

I think that's about all I can do for today though. Gonna go eat leftover turkey!

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Springy said:

Well, I'm back now and found quite a serious bug when I looked back on my map one of the tags was set wrong. Oh and in some parts I couldn't implement stairs because it just ended up corrupting but I found a way around that. Would I be able to tweak something like that later? Sorry, I forgot to test it out because I was in a hurry as I didn't realise I had other more important things to do today.

Please make any corrections and re-upload, you can always fix it up. You've got a whole week to do so, in fact, but more today so it's playable in time for the testing sessions is best.

To everyone making revisions, please post the new wad in a new post in this thread. DON'T EDIT OLD LINKS. New posts let us know what is most recent.

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--warning no map in this post--

Ooops after rereading the rules I'm pretty sure I don't have 16 player starts in any of these. If there isn't enough space (i.e. as in I don't really want 16 distinct locations if the map is played by fewer people) would you advise against me just clumping a bunch of deathmatch starts next to each other?

Sort of in the same style as how most people lay coop starts near each other at the start of a coop map?

Also I don't think my maps have exits in them, do you need em before testing?

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TheMionicDonut said:

Why arent you making something for this?

Because I've never played Deathmatch in my life, let alone made a DM map. Maybe next 32in24.

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How to make a DM map:

Make a map
Put player starts it in
Put super shotguns on those player starts
Put other weapons in the map
Don't put in any fucking invulnerability spheres!

(I'm gonna try to get something done tonight.)

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Aight, I guess I'm gonna do some quick feedback as usual.

Sgt_Dopey - I ate at McDonald's and This Happened

Well, what greeted me was some rather eye-searing ROCKRED combined with blood & pink flats, a blood red sky and my awesome ultra-high gamma. I don't have working eyes now. :p It looks better with human (read: single player or Ralphis) gamma levels, but MP players tend to hate darkness and combat it with high gamma, so bright colours harsh their vibe. I dunno if you can afford shadowing to make it look good, but rather dark, so I'd say use the week-long test period to work on more "neutral" visuals.

Now, the map. It's properly sized for that 8-16 players goal. What's not okay is the casual mixing of weak-ass SG spawns with weapons of power being in such pain in the ass spots, heh. Don't overthink it, put SSGs on spawns and have players either battle everywhere at random, or go for the power weapons. Put the blue armor or the soulsphere in the middle of the temple as the powerup item to fight over (instead of the SSG), put the other one to the pillar corner, move the plasma to the NW corner (instead of the SSG again). You may keep the other RL where it is, it's an interesting spot for massacre, heh. Definitely don't keep a powerup on the way to the BFG (talking about the soulsphere) and absolutely kill the cell packs, no one needs that much BFG - MP is played on NM skill (double ammo) and you get 200 cells just for picking the weapon up!

Last important thing: the BFG is set up in an interesting way, but woe is me - if people play it with jumping, it's going to be way to easy to get. You can actually RJ there without jumping, which is a cool move. You should probably put it on a higher pillar and add a switch that'd lower it down. Possibly at the top of the cliff where you teleport to the BFG. That way just jumping on the platform means nothing.

Oh and I know Shai told you to use 16 spawns, but it's definitely an overkill. I'm pretty sure 8 to 10 should be enough to avoid telefragorama even at high player counts. It will also allow you to move them around more sensibly (lol @ this random mess, they're EVERYWHERE) even with those SSGs under them.

EDIT: a bug, DMspawn thing 22 is stuck, because sector 46 is not 56 units tall (doomguy height).

sgt dopey - Curry Night

This one is easier to deal with. It's a rather typical arena with a bunch of small twists like the downwards shape and a bunch of rock barriers. You can afford making it a SG map, sure! But it sorely needs spicing up with something. Ditch the central spawn and put a plasma gun there. That should be a weird and not entirely too powerful weapon with this type of layout (tough to use it against targets at different heights if you don't have mouselook on). Also I'd sprinkle the map with a lot (well, not too much... just so that they matter) of stimpaks to give players a chance to last longer. Prolly no armor. Oh and again, put the SGs on spawns, pistol spawns are lame most of the time. The triplets of spawns at the spikes look especially bad - remove the ones at the sides and keep just the ones on top.

EDIT: Oh and... there was a running joke about using "Dwango Unchained" as a title, but it fell off the table because of the food theme. Well, this map is kinda sorta the stuff you'd find in spades in the classic dwango wads. Dwango Foodchain?

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Obsidian said:

Because I've never played Deathmatch in my life, let alone made a DM map. Maybe next 32in24.

Welcome to 32in24, that's how half of the people in here got involved, heh.

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dew said:

Oh and I know Shai told you to use 16 spawns, but it's definitely an overkill. I'm pretty sure 8 to 10 should be enough to avoid telefragorama even at high player counts. It will also allow you to move them around more sensibly

shit I guess I gotta remove some of the starts in my map, cuz it's pretty small.

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dew said:

Welcome to 32in24, that's how half of the people in here got involved, heh.

X-D I'm still waiting until the next one.

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nub_hat - Discount Salughterhouse

I think layout is the weak point here. It's all about the central room with everything interesting just piled in it and the north/south "rings" are just filler. That big central wall of the southern ring? Pierce it with two more passages. Maybe put a switch on that lone pillar that'd lower a small closet with a RL somewhere along the southern wall. Also put the teleporter to the "secret" room somewhere there, don't put all your ideas at the same spot.

The northern section? Destroy the "inner" wall entirely, make it a bunch of pillars instead! Suddenly a mini-maze, heh. Put the plasma there, and move... I dunno, a green armor on that central pillar. Or invis, hahaha. Also make that secret megasphere either a blue armor or a soulsphere... mega is sooooo OP.

Also I think the BFG jump is actually too hard. I keep failing at it in ZDaemon, heh. Ease up? :) Oh and... remove the zerk (silly weapon switch) and the cell charges in the secret (keep maybe two? Too much cell ammo hurts maps.) Also remove the silly health bonuses, apply a few corner medkits (as in: in the corners) instead! SSGs on spawns are definitely a right thing for such a map. Oh and that SP_FACE texture is uggglllyyyyy, sorry. :p

EDIT: Oh and remove one of the three spawns in the current plasma room, and the spawn on the RL (unleashing BFG there would be brit10-type rape). I'd also move thing 37 spawn to the southernmost hallway and remove one of the northern four spawns entirely.

Springy - This Turkey Needs More Cocain Nigella

This map looks nice! However the bridge mechanism seems broken, it keeps dropping me down even at the top. Looking at Snakes' UR bridges... isn't it supposed to mix 83+91 instead of 83+128? I can hear a stuck platform lowering endlessly.

Next: yaaaarghhhh, you absolutely MUST remove all of the four central spawns! Not only they have to "challenge the SSG", but the guy with the BFG would hoard frags like crazy. You know what I'd do? Put a soulsphere in that middle, no spawns around (you don't need that many anyways). Make your spawns SG or CG (as in: move the spawns closer to the weapons you already have there) and have a total of 4 SSGs in 4 strategic spots at the outer rim of the map. Put the plasma where the berserk is - this way it's just super-easy additional ammo for the BFG. Put the chaingun on the plasma pedestal and turn the BFG into a little puzzle where the switch opens another shootable (big enough) switch on the other side of the room and you have to snipe it. Just an idea. :) Pair the NE green armor with one in the SW corner - and put a few more medkits into interesting looking corners.

Basically the layout is quite fine, the map looks nice, you just need a bit of item placement refining!

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Name: Let the Burgers Hit the Floor
Music: Drowning Pool - Bodies (please don't take this link down, Revenant D: )
Build Time: 3-ish hours maybe?
Sky: SKY1 (these burgers are eaten at phobo's)
Description: Sorry guys, I may have accidentally tripped on purpose while trying to serve the burgers, so they're scattered all over the floor now. Guess we'll have to grab our guns and have a Thanksgiving with no burgers now. :(

Still a bit of detail left to do, but I figure it's best to toss it up now and finish it later since the visually undone areas are all outside the play area ('cept the big circle thing, which will be a skygrill at some point :P ).

[EDIT] PUTCH; the external midi link was wrong. Fixed now, though I still fail to see how that method's easier for the compilation guy. D:

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Hurricyclone - Ruptured Raspberries

Oh shit, I love this idea! Considering NM is the standard, the cyb just relentlessly spams rox... and respawns. So simple, so brilliant.

Now... it's a bit on the bright red side, heh. Is there maybe a less "punch in the eye" sky? Also: I absolutely despise the impassible line around the arena. Let people drop down and make the blood max corrosive. If you make it just a bit shallower, they can comfortably still shoot the people in the arena as they die! To work with that idea, move the powerups on the edge, so it's easy to push them over with a SSG shot or a cyb rocket, heh heh. Put some medkits (a decent amountof them) near the cyb instead so people are still motivated to hang around there. And yes, you probably have too many spawns, but most importantly they're grouped in an ugly way. Spread them out (who cares about cover from the cyb, let the trolling flow), place a few more SSGs - near enough to spawns, but this time you don't need to place them directly under or just next to.

pcorf - Super Sweet Candy

Wow, this map is quite pretty (considering the time scale) and with a competent, surprisingly complex layout to boot! I dare not judge the intricacies of what might or might not work without proper stresstesting, so just the "handbook" wiseass remarks...

But first, are you sure the BFG setup isn't too difficult? Running around for a few minutes I couldn't figure out how to reach the lift in time, heh. People under fire certainly won't have it easier! It looks like you can only lower it for other people, which is silly in DM. Am I missing something or does the lift need to be slower?

Now, all those small cells and backups lying around - get rid of them. Also the rocket boxes. If you want big amounts of rox and cells (NM -> double the ammo, keep in mind), put them in some spots of interest where heavy traffic is to be expected. I'd get rid of the invis (it miiiight be too OP in MP, actually!) and put something there. If you get rid of all the cells and rocket boxes and backpacks, you could put 3 stacked backpacks in there for a big ammo bonus.

And yet again - cull a few DM spawns, 8 to 10 should be fine. Always have some weaponry nearby, although your deployment of power weapons gives you options of being cheeky and having some nearby spawns be pistol-only. I won't go into detail, but if you play with it a little, think how hard or easy it is to get to a weapon from each spawn, you'll get it right.

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40oz - Late Night Porking

Am I missing something? The map has just a pl1 start, no DM starts, just 4 weapons (that'd make the SSG and PG owners quite the happy campers) and a bunch of Boom-flagged not-DM monsters. Also this. Tough to judge anything when it's obviously in a very unfinished state. Btw I'd probably go with SSG starts (not too many, the map is tiny), a central RL and keep the plasma on top.

40oz - Slow Dance Chubby

Hmm. I like this layout better, it could be fun. Heavy weapons seem to be in okayish positions (the BFG/soulsphere scenario is a bit silly, but interesting and striking enough). Even the lone DM imp should be fun. Then again, you focused too much on placing SP monsters to introduce sensible DM spawn placement (just two now if I count correctly) and more basic spawn-ready weapons.

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