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How to make an ocean view?

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Hey, someone know how to make it? I'm making doom 2 revisited megawad, im in map 3, cathedral of blood. I finished ocean sector and windows and
the cathedral, but how to make sidedefs that they will go infinite? :(

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if this line


is your linedef, then you need to add a sector behind it, have its ceiling height lowered to its floor height, and finally, give it the R_SKY ceiling texture.

3 easy steps :)

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40oz said:

It is but its a slightly more complicated vanilla trick.


That link you... linked... explained exactly what gemini09 already said.

I figured out how to do this when I was 11 - I was trying to get a window to show nothing but the sky outside. It was a "booyah!" moment for me at the time.

Also, when I clicked on that link, I was hoping for a real horizon effect... ):

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