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Longbow (Sidescroller / Shooter project)

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Been a while since I've posted anything at all on here and sadly it isn't Doom stuff this time, either.

A buddy of mine and I have been working just about non-stop for the past week on a little sidescroller / shooter game project, which we'd wanted to play / look like something in the vein of stuff like Contra / Metal Slug / Etc. :

As it stands now, the game is basically a somewhat-playable prototype, with all-original graphics in it (most of them drawn by me, some of them by him.)

We're working on an OST for it, but so far only the game-intro and first level song are original, kinda bearing inspiration from the likes of Contra /Super C.

We're still working on it right now and we plan to do a MUCH bigger update on this in due time, but there is only so much three guys can do.

What we need, though, is some good feedback on where to go from here. We plan to expand the levels, no question about that. Sound-replacement is also something we're looking towards as well.

Let us know on this thread about opinions / suggestions regarding this : >

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First impressions are good. Z button to shoot, you need to have an options or instructions menu to explain this. Looks good, I like the up to shoot, it feels better with a controller than the modern dual stick shooters. Game runs smooth, screen scrolls pretty smooth. There is a pause button for the mouse, but not in the controls.

I guess where to go from here, ladders, enemy diversity, more weapons. Full screen mode, although I do see cinematic mode. How about a skip intro button? Grasshoppers exploding :-) Maybe fuel for the jetpack that once you land it refuels your jetpack instantly. Jetpack in general is good and feels good to use. But then I guess stage 2 you would have unlimited fuel to fly around.

>> edit >>

I'd rather have a button to place the C4 that way it can be a game mechanic, not a story point. That way you can open up areas or secrets ala bombs from Zelda or Metroid. While we're on the subject of bombs, you need soldiers and not just turrets. Your lizard enemies are good, but in future levels, there needs to be something else. Such as soldiers that shoot back, or hide behind cover and throw bombs or grenades. You can have grenades as well and not just C4.

A game this wide open with vast spaces could benefit from water, but you might want that to be a later project. Floating enemies on the surface and swimming enemies.

I played the 2nd level and while I'm happy to see there's a SHMUP stage, its really yawn worthy. Also I think holding the attack button down might be better than having to press the button. The reason why I think its really yawn worthy, its just slow, not challenging. There needs to be more happening at once. If you have difficulties, the ships need to shoot at the player. There needs to be powerups or ceiling enemies or something. I know you put this together in a week and its a great start. Its just lacking at the current moment.

Ground enemies would be good too shooting at the player. Since the previous stage had it so you can land, it begs the question, can you land on platforms in the SHMUP stage? Perhaps to refuel? You could stop the screen and have a mini shootout.

Since your player is in total control of the jetpack in the first stage, what would keep him from stopping in the second? Explosions following him? Lava below? Sure a SHMUP is a SHMUP, but yours is a guy with a jetpack. See Jetpack Joyride. Another catch is why are the ships as big as the player? These are probably placeholder images, but I'm just pointing out for the future.

I think if you guys continue this, you could make some money doing it. You may want to pour all of your effort into the 2D platforming, because you're closer to a good game with that than you are with the SHMUP.

>> edit of edit >> I'm playing it all over again. One thing its missing is a duck button, but really the character is too small to really benefit from a duck. There should be boulders or something to really make use of your sliding physics. Larger levels with health too. Not that you really need health, but bigger levels would need health. From how open the lvels are you could make yourself a Metroidvania platform shooter.

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