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I'm not sure this will interest anybody, but I found this neat little program called GifCam. It's a pretty efficient screen capturing program that lets you snap stuff happening on your desktop and save it as a gif. It doesn't require any installation and UI is very basic, but produces pretty nice results, letting you pick the FPS of your gif (one of three options -- for Doom i wouldn't recommend any less than 33) and also a few color compression formats (to avoid horribly bloated filesizes for longer animations)

I was playing around with it and found it could be handy to showcase of short, interesting, and/or funny situations in Doom demos without having to stream it or upload a youtube video or have someone watch an entire demo for the only part worth seeing. It could be useful to mappers and playtesters to show a strange event in someone's map or show off a cool move you did in a speed run. You can also record at different times and gifcam will string the scenes together in one animation like vines.

Here's a couple I made:

This one is a bunch of revenant missiles I hoarded into a flaming deathball and crushed an arachnatron with on MAP13 on Nightmare mode. I made it by playing back a demo I recorded in prboom, setting it to windowed mode, setting the screen resolution to 320x240 and shrinking the screensize a little bit with the + - keys.


This one is a Hell Baron decimating a Zombieman via barrel explosion. I made this one by zooming out my web browser and recording a youtube video


I dunno I thought it was pretty fun.

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And now, every page in DW goes slower every time when gif appears.

But quite neat program. Now, if I only could get anything funny recorded. I think I hit the brick wall already...

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Interesting, but too bad it's for Winloot 678 OS and beyond while I use Whinecrash 98 or Ubuntu.

33 FPS is close to DOOM but something that allows 35 FPS would be much better.

Who knows, though, perhaps there's something similar or even better out there for more/other platforms...

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Krispy said:

I would definitely appreciate gifs replacing demos when possible on Doomworld.

This would be horrible. Even 40oz's first gif took a while to start animating at full speed on a fast connection.

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Dragonsbrethren said:

This would be horrible. Even 40oz's first gif took a while to start animating at full speed on a fast connection.

yeah that particular gif was saved with the "quantize" color compression format. I was hoping the smaller size would make up for it, but setting it to 256 colors probably wouldnt hurt it much (the second image for example only had a little dithering) and would have greatly reduced the filesize

the drawback with gifcam I guess is that it isnt a gif editor, so if you screw it up the first time and you already exitted out, you gotta start over.

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Wow, thanks actually. This program is awesome. Yeah, It probably won't be able to replace demos, but you can still share the fun little short moments like you demonstrated. I can also turn Youtube videos into gifs without using that one website.

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