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PRBoom+ all of a sudden slow...

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I am running Win7 64 bit, and PRBoom+ used to run fine. Now, all of a sudden, it runs at about half speed. No crashes or glitches, just everything is slow. Playing back demos is slow as well though they never go out of sync.

I haven't changed video drivers, haven't really installed anything. I have Samsung Magician running which sometimes prevents PRBoom+ from running in full screen, but that isn't an issue now. Even when I kill Magician PRBoom+ still runs slow.

Running a GeForce GTX-670 and i7 3770K so it's not the horsepower - anyway, it has been running fine for the last few months (I built this computer over the summer), and now it is pretty much unusable. I like to watch demos with it, but each demo now takes 2 times as long to play back and while I appreciate watching the tricks in slow motion it is not feasible for long demos.

Any thoughts?



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It sounds like you might have accidentally reduced the gamespeed to 50% (e.g. by pressing "PAD-"), and setting it back to 100% ("PAD*" by default) would solve the problem.

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That is exactly it. Thank you and boy do I feel foolish. I had some papers on my desk which were moved and laying on the "-" key on my keypad which of course slowed the game down. I started it up, pressed "*" on my keypad and off we went.

Thanks again, you saved me from frustration!

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