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9 (not yet) Prboom maps

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update: It only works in zdoom, and I probably wouldn't be able to fix it until Friday. And I wonder why my maps are unpopular...

Here's Trite, my 9-map wad. I tried to make a set of maps without gimmicks and probably failed once or twice. Anyway, it's a bunch of maps, and they are cool because classic.

MAP01 - Tropical Techbase, or more like next-to-the-sea-techbase.

MAP02 - 5 Minutes In Hell, not that it's the par time or something.

MAP03 - Frontal Attack. Too small for a screenshot.

MAP04 - Sewer Surprise. Toxic waste entertainment facility.

MAP05 - Surface Tension. Like a town, but all for UAC.

MAP06 - Sector E2. Let's recycle ideas and call it a homage.

MAP07 - CWILV06. As you can see... well, you cannot.

MAP08 - Floral Revenge. Not much detail and still distinct atmosphere.
Actually should be something more like Botanical Revenge, but I don't feel like reuploading.

MAP09 - The ultimate ending fight of all fights.

And a hidden secret of awesome.


Also, please post.

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Now it works in prboom. Might have some visual glitches or something, though. Was tested mostly in Zdoom.

Also, I composed map01, 02 and 07 music.

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I tried to play this because it looked interesting but after seeing the glitched up berserk secret in map01 and then seeing half the level lower with homs I just couldn't continue. (0 tagged lifts and sectors?)

I used Odamex. I would be willing to try it again and maybe even host a co-op server with it once the bugs are gone but you have a lot of fixing up to do.

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