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FastDM, 33 map DM pack for Odamex and Zandronum [idgames]

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Cross posted this from the Zandronum forums

Somewhat old screenshots:

NOTE: this is currently being hosted on a 24/7 Zandronum server, Oda server possible if desired.

<[IFOC] Server> FastDM Deathmatch



Maplist: MAP01-MAP33

Jumping is highly recommended for most maps but there shouldn't be anything unreachable without jumping.

Some maps make use of thing bridges, so be careful about setting some old school flags when playing this.

All maps are in Hexen Format, though the following maps don't use thing bridges and could be easily converted to Boom compatible / possibly Vanilla Doom if there's interest in it:

MAP01, MAP05-MAP11, MAP14, MAP18, MAP19, MAP26, MAP29, MAP30, MAP31, MAP33

If you have played this, it helps a lot if you leave some feedback, either in this topic or to me over IRC. I will consider your feedback for future projects.

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As of right now (r51), the only difference between the odamex and zand version is the file format (pk3 vs wad).

ZDaemon doesn't support pk3 format for mods, so the zand version won't work.

The odamex version seems to work fine, though.

However, I might need to adjust the maps to make them work better in zdaemon and odamex because of jump physics differences so they need some testing.

I might post it there later.

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While testing the odamex version, I found some problems.

Unfortunately I didn't know that Odamex doesn't work well with zero tagged lifts, all of the bugs have been fixed, you can find the updated version here

r51a does not contain any important changes for zandronum. If you don't play odamex, there's really no difference between r51 and r51a.

Aside from that I'm happy to say that all of the jumps are still very doable in odamex (even without Zand's air physics).


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I've played an older build of this online, and just gave these a quick peek in SP to refresh my memory. -Awesome- gameplay for an FFA with 4 or more people. The player I was online with was whining about "SSG overload", but I think thats rubbish - The weapon placement is fine.

Interesting choices visually, very odd, but by no means bad, just unique. It feels like these maps can't decide if they're from this year, or if they're classics from 1996, ZDoom/boom mapping effects aside.

I highly reccomend this to both NS and OS players! When it's uplaoded to the archive I'll give this a 5, because you don't come accross maps like these very often. Nice job :)

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I can definitely sympathize with people who feel that there are too many ssgs, I still wonder if I should have mixed up the spawn weapons, I probably wouldn't do another "every spawn has a SSG" map pack again. It was sort of an experiment and in some ways it worked in that I made some layouts that wouldn't really have worked as well with shotgun or chaingun starts.

I'm glad you liked it, the detailing is a little bizarre (I'm still sort of used to Chex detailing), but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. I used only doom and freedoom textures and I tried to come up with themes that aren't the same old thing we've seen a hundred times.

EDIT: also, if you are interested in helping test this in odamex please contact me. (DW PM is fine or #IFOC on irc.zandronum.com; leave a message with [IFOC]S if I'm not there as [IFOC]75)

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Good set of maps thus far just remember that the Plasma gun needs moving on map03 (I think it's map03) might not be around to help tomorrow though. I look forward to seeing it completed I just hope it gets a lot of online play seeing as the DM scene seems very miniscule nowadays.

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FastDM ran on FNF last Friday and it seemed to go well but I'm in the middle of some adjustments to hopefully make it even better with a large amount of players.

I had to get rid of almost all diagonal raised spawns so there's quite a few more spawns on the ground now for what will be r53. Some of the raised spawns seemed ok, but I replaced or moved a lot of them.

It's about half ground spawns and half raised spawns now in most maps. Seems like it will do better now with the spawns re-arranged.

What I'm noticing is that raised spawns seem to to good on corners, and crevice spawns seem to do good on hallways, with the occasional ground spawn near an intense area

I spent most of yesterday updating all the maps, I haven't gone through and checked them yet so there could be problems, but if you would like to see what I've fixed so far here's a link:


Significant changes:

Revised spawns in almost all maps

Changes to MAP03's layout

Changes to MAP06's Layout

Changes to MAP07's layout

MAP16 redetailed again

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Just finished the changes I wanted to make before r53; some minor fixes to MAP25 and MAP07 since r52b

As usual the only difference between the zandronum version and the odamex version is one is in wad format and the other is in pk3 format, I might drop pk3 format for the final release.

Zandronum version:


Odamex version:


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