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weirdest wad since skymaybe

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invictius said:

Also, it has some sort of sound file that SLADE doesn't recognise for the first level (SLADE saves it as a .dat, winamp doesn't know what to do with it)

What lump name? Using latest SLADE I don't see any lumps that aren't recognized.

e: LUSH_EDI ? It's a mod file (old tracker module). You could play it with XMPlay or ModPlug. WinAMP might be able to handle it if you change the extension to .mod

e2: this is a pretty ok map, if you like platforming. Not that weird so far, just some flat textures and gameplay quite different than normal Doom. But no god-imps or game-crashing doors yet.

e3: all right, well that felt pretty rough and unfinished. has it's moments if you don't mind hideous flat texturing. I guess it is weird in some places but it doesn't feel deliberately so like TSMB.

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Sorry for the super necro post, but I guess this is kinda relevant.


Today I was bored so I decided to search for one of my old WADs in Google to check if it was floating around in the internet (I've uploaded before to an FTP site so me and my friends could play it via Doom Seeker) and... oh boy, I didn't know someone else would download it. :P


So yeah, I'm the creator of this WAD. I made it probably in 2013 (?) for me and my friends to have fun with it (at the time we were like, 13 years old).


The WAD probably has a bunch of references that probably nobody would have known aside from my friends, so whatever, let's explain what is happening there:


1. Yes, it was a platforming WAD based on a very old GameMaker: Studio game I've made, me and my friends loved playing it so, because I was experimenting with Doom WADs, I decided to try to "port" it to Doom

2. It was public because Doom Seeker needed the WAD to be stored somewhere and I couldn't figure out how, so I sent it to a public FTP site and hosted there.

3. Yes, the game name means absolutely nothing in english, I just mashed three different words and that was it.

4. The WAD is entirely in portuguese because, as I said before, it was meant for only me and my friends. (and because we live in Brazil...)

5. One of my levels is my old IRL school, we loved playing hide and seek in Doom there.

6. At the time my super crappy computer couldn't handle Doom Builder 2 (or GZDoom Builder for that matter) so building 3D stuff was an absolute nightmare.


Anyway, I never knew *someone else* would download it and post a thread about it on Doom World, thanks for the nostalgia I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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On 9/17/2017 at 1:15 PM, MrPowerGamerBR said:

Yes, the game name means absolutely nothing in english, I just mashed three different words and that was it.

Well, that's not entirely true - it's a 3D game, and it's hard (I assume).

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