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Selecting textures so that they appear in the required order when you add them?

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Sometimes I add WFALL1-WFALL4 to my wad but in the TEXTURE lump they appear in a different order so I have to shuffle them around. Is there some sort of rule that determines in which order the added textures will appear depending on how I select them or something?

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You're probably falling foul of what seems to be an old Windows idiosyncrasy, where the last file selected is the first one processed, which (if you're not using XWE's sorting option) will affect their order of appearance in the wad's directory. I usually get around that by selecting files to import in reverse order (WFALL4 to WFALL1) or simply selecting the first file last, since Windows will revert to alpha-numeric order after the first file.

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Ohh, now I see, never paid attention to the field where the filenames appear for some reason. Thanks!

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