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Recommend me some very "colorful" maps

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I need a bit of inspiration for some WADs I'm working on, and want them to be quite colorful in design :3. Can anyone recommend me some maps that have some vivid color schemes and emphasize on color a lot?

I already know a few, Killer Colours (AV MAP31), Minus Morgul (DVII MAP12), and Ribbiks' maps.

Any more?

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Stay tuned. I may or may not be working on the type of map you are talking about.

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Obsidian said:

The first secret map of D2TWID is pretty colourful.

Yup. Even modifies the palette to make it work, and boy, does it.

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I've seen Hell Ground before, seems cool, but somehow I'm not too interested in it. Will check out the other ones, except the Heretic one since I don't own that game, lol.

BTW, I'm currently trying green/brown style right now, at the moment, but still looking for something fresh for a future map.

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