DOOM Retro v2.6.7 (updated February 23, 2018)

2 hours ago, Kroc said:

Hi there! The `-config` parameter is not honouring relative paths. I have a project, PortaDOOM, that provides a batch-script launcher that normalises the behaviour of a myriad of different engines and ensures portability by separating out config files, save files and so on. When it launches an engine, the 'current directory' will be where the saves go (for engines that don't support a `-save` or `-savedir` parameter) and the `-config` parameter will be something like "..\config.doomretro.cfg". This works for everything except DOOM Retro that ignores the parameter and creates a "doomretro.cfg" file in the same path as the executable -- not even the 'current directory'!

Thanks Kroc. It looks like the -config command-line parameter is only being honored when initially loading the config at startup, but not when saving. I'll work on having this fixed (and your suggestion for -shotdir implemented) ready for the next version of DOOM Retro.

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