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A map I made to celebrate Doom's 20th

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I enjoyed this map, lots of creative ideas and some smart puzzles. Difficulty was a bit hard (not a surprise, though). I liked how a group of barons had to be used as allies (at least I that's how I did). I had to finish one Arch Vile with a pistol, but that was somehow satisfying.

My only gripe was having to disable music, since I can't play maps with D_RUNNIN anymore. Otherwise, great map Obsidian.

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Here's an FDA.

Kind of cramped and stuffy for my taste, although I suppose that fits with the 'crypt' theme. The little bit of 20% damage liquid around the main kiosk is very obnoxious, as well. On the other hand, seeing those olde-tymey red bricks used with such a straight face was amusing, and the cyberdemon made me jump a little (always a good thing), wasn't expecting to see him so early.

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I enjoyed this map and thought it was a nice and quick. It was a little challenging but not too hard.

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