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Motornerve 2 - beta

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In honor of Doom's 20th birthday, I decided I would speedmap a bunch of deathmatch maps and fill them with monsters. Unfortunately I map much slower than I used to be (I think) so I only completed two maps. But maybe you'll like them and there will be more to come! Shooting for 20, for the twenty years of Doom :)

Things you need to know about Motornerve 2:

- All maps are designed primarily for Deathmatch first, single player second. Expect a lot of crowd control in SP.

- The player starts with a chainsaw in every map, so IN THEORY every map is able to be completed with 100% kills.

- The goal is the same in every map, the exit room is locked by a yellow key, the yellow key is located where the BFG is in Deathmatch. Sometimes it's easy to reach, sometimes it's not.

Here's the two completed maps. Let me know what you think!


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Seem about as solid as the first. Another Motornerve would be cool, although I never really bothered with the SP aspect of it.

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Played the first map, and it's quite awesome, some nice chaotic and dynamic gameplay. I had some ammo trouble but I guess that's intended to encourage infighting and berserk combat. I can imagine this map would be amazing for co-op. The architecture and unorthogonal angles remind me of an old map of mine, before it got touched up by Essel for BTSX E2.

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