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Outdoor DM maps. UT 2004.

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Hello there.

I have just started a large outdoor deathmatch map for UT 2004 and I am wondering how well a outdoors DM map would work compared to indoor maps. Should I create some ruins to run around in? I already have the rolling terrain, I might add water and something to hide in, but there are not enough outdoor maps right now.

Here is a screenshot of the terrain. I do not have a skybox or anything else yet, but I am quite happy that I could manage to get this far. I am wondering if the Unreal 3 engine has even easier terrain editing. That might be a good upgrade if I want to create stunning outdoor areas.


I hope that if Doom4 is created, they offer a nice and easy editor with good terrain creation.

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Currently it looks like a sand pit that some monster would come out of to feed on players :-) Make a weapon there and a kill trap that happens every other second.

For ruins what about a ruined tower or the steel frame of something falling apart. That way it is a bit vertical.

Water is always nice, especially for outdoors. Don't forget plantlife either. Pick a season, pick a time, pick a climate too. Island desert in the day? Winter evergreen forest at night?

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A ruined tower sounds cool, there should be an archive of static meshes I could import. I would love to create a Far Cry 3 styled desert island with vehicles and ruins around. I think that would be quite cool indeed.

There is a listing of all available static meshes here, I should be able to piece something together. I just need to get the skybox done and light this baby up a bit. Making an outdoor area was a lot easier than building a whole indoors area.


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Desert Island sounds good if not beautiful. Bright areas, some dark lush forests. The metal frame tower could be some nearly completed lighthouse or ghetto light house. Don't forget wildlife sounds since its outside.

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That doesn't look like much of a deathmatch map yet. There's nothing to break the line of sight, for starters.

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