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(WIP) Echoes of Hell. (05/01/14 update: New Alpha Demo)

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Hello fellow Doomers. I am working on a WAD with the name "Echoes of Hell". I am thinking up more ideas as I go along, at the moment it is gonna be a "open world" but using a hub like system so you can go back to previous areas. This is my first megawad I am working on, so suggestions are welcome. This mod is for GZDoom.

Planned stuff so far:
Gauntlet mode, a mode where you go into a Smash T.V like area, and try and find the exit, or kill all the monsters.
Side missions.
Alternate versions of some areas on another mode.

Link to Alpha Demo: http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ig484l7t17g517/EOHA001.rar

Let me know on bugs/suggestions etc. Some areas are incomplete, but will work on them.

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Pure Hellspawn said:

the 2nd one reminds me of super sonic doom.

Heh, knew someone was going to say that, Super Sonic Doom was a pretty good influence on the hangar. Thanks for the feedback.

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