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Doom the Way I Played

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I'm making a(n ultimate) Doom wad replacement for dooms 20th bday. I started on episode 4 because I like the difficulty I have on UV so far. As the wad goes on, the diffuculty rises.
Any suggestions?

Maps Done\ In Progress
E1M1 - Technical Base
E1M2 - Underground Passageway
E1M3 - Raw Power Core (WIP)

E4M1 - Castle Doom

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Hard to really tell much at all about the wad from those shots, I'm afraid, other than noticing a bunch of texture alignment errors etc. But WIP, so it's excusable. Any particular episode style you're shooting for? The textures look E2/E3-like, but then you've got the E4 sky.

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Progress update

E1m1, e1m2 and e4m1 done. Im now working on e2m9 and e1m3. Screenshots will be up in time, need to fix up stuff.

Oh, and please dont use the newproject tag. Here's my early reply before anyone does
People,, before you start trying to act mega-cool-and-whatnot by using the newproject tag, make sure you check that the person doesn't have something to show first (screenshots, map downloads, etc). Keep in mind we've already seen thousands of uses of the newproject tag that only succeeded in making the person using it look like a complete moron, because they did have something to show.

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