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jerkiness with texture options in gzdoom

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I was talking about supposed high-res textures in gzdoom in another topic, regarding 4q4x filtering slowing my system down, and nobody else has had a problem. I do have a couple of other options enabled but I have a fairly high-end system (intel core i7 870 at 3ghz, geforce 560) - here are the exact settings: (antioscopic filtering is actually only 2x in the video) http://i.imgur.com/O51kXRC.jpg

And a video capture - jerkiness isn't as visible as when playing, but note how the framerate (according to gzdoom, not fraps) drops to 20 in the first half) http://youtu.be/8iQ7NvxMZik

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Da Werecat said:

So you're using both high-res textures and hq4x?

When I run a wad that uses custom sprites, I use hq4x for those, so I'm still going to have trouble with performance. Also, I'm going to need it for wads that have standard-res textures.

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It's impossible to tell what you are talking about with that video, it's just 30FPS pretty much the whole time (yes I'm talking about the FPS counter recorded).

However, the problems you describe don't sound like problems at all, but rather the expected result of trying to do texture filtering on already hi-resolution textures. If not the the texture resizer alone, which needs to resize each texture (and pass it in VRAM) every time you see a new one.

Turn off the texture resizer.

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