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Looking for skybox textures

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Hi guys, so I was looking for some skybox textures, but no luck finding the right ones, what I'm looking for is a sky with clouds - even though I don't know anymore how to make that, I had an example WAD if anyone has it, it was with a night city I think, anyways, what I'm looking for:

Daylight sky, 3-ways: one side should be a city in a distance, best if on hills, other 2 sides should be mountains connected to the "city" and third one should be blank sky (sea side) if anyone could help me somehow I would be really grateful (will post WIP wad if I make "playable" advancement)

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already tried before but all links are dead, that's why I'm trying my luck here

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Wait, why are they dead? Are you joking me? I already checked it out, and its working! Oh, nevermind.....

That ghost just stealt my help again...

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